Greenbacks Cash Option - Home Protection Plus

Just $19.95 per month.... Up to $750 toward any new appliance. Pure peace of mind.

GreenBacks℠ Cash Option

Appliance can't be repaired? GreenBacks Cash gives you cash toward a replacement.

The GreenBacks Cash Option can provide cash toward replacing any appliance covered under your Home Protection Plus plan—up to $2,500 total each year.

Why does this make so much sense? Sometimes, for reasons they can't control, our service technicians can't fix an appliance.

  • The cost of repair may be more than the appliance is worth.
  • The appliance may be damaged beyond repair.
  • Parts needed to fix an appliance may no longer be available.

For just $19.95 per month, you can add the GreenBacks Cash Option to your selected Home Protection Plus plan. Then, if our technician recommends replacement, you'll receive cash according to the following schedule:

GreenBacks Cash

Appliance Covered If unrepairable, you may receive up to:
Furnace $750
Boiler $750
Central A/C $750
Refrigerator $500
Water Heater (tank-type) $300
Range/Oven $300
Washing Machine $300
Clothes Dryer $300
Dishwasher $300
Chest or Upright Freezer $250
Cooktop $150
Microwave $125

Combine the GreenBacks Cash Option with a Home Protection Plus plan! To learn more, call 800.556.0011 today.


No service call charges. No parts or labor charges.


Included on your monthly DTE Energy bill.


When appliance issues happen, call us anytime.

5 good reasons to give yourself Home Protection Plus:

Covered appliance repairs are free. No service call charges. No parts or labor charges.
A single furnace or A/C repair can cost $300, $400 or more. With Home Protection Plus, you'll have a single, predictable monthly fee—and no budget-busting surprises.
Plumbing Protection guards against budget-breaking problems. Pure peace of mind!
If something goes wrong, you'll have just one number to call for a repair pro you can trust.
Your low monthly fee is included on your DTE Energy bill. No separate payments to remember or checks to send.

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