SmartGuard℠ Service Plans - Home Protection Plus

Know exactly how well your two major home systems are functioning, and get them tuned up in time for the appropriate season.

SmartGuard Service Plans from DTE Energy

Enroll in our SmartGuard service plan and we'll do a yearly evaluation and tune-up of your furnace or central air conditioner or both.

Avoid expensive emergency repairs and be sure that your furnace and central air conditioning system are running safely and at peak efficiency.

  • Furnace SmartGuard Plan—yearly furnace performance inspection and tune-up for only $7.95 per month.
  • Air Conditioning SmartGuard Plan—yearly central air conditioning system performance inspection and tune-up for only $7.95 per month.
  • The SmartGuard Combo Plan covers the yearly performance inspection and tune-up for both your furnace and central air conditioning system for only $12.95 per month. (An 18% savings!)

SmartGuard gives you a proactive inspection for less than the cost of a service call for a broken system! And we'll even add the low monthly fee to your DTE Energy bill, so you don't have to remember to make another payment.

What's Covered in the SmartGuard Performance Inspection:

Furnace SmartGuard Plan Air Conditioning SmartGuard Plan
Test for carbon monoxide Check compressor operation
Check thermostat Check thermostat
Lubricate fan motor, bearing & pump Test blower operation
Test blower operation Inspect fan belt
Check furnace safety controls Adjust humidifier damper position
Check ignition systems Inspect condenser fan blades
Check venting system & controls Check drain condition
Clean and calibrate burners Check condensate pump operation
Check pilot safety system Inspect evaporator coil
Inspect heat exchanger Check contactor
Check belt tension & condition Check refrigerant charge
Check for gas leaks Check capacitor
Advise on filter and maintenance Inspect condenser coil
Check humidifier Inspect filter system
Check gas pressure/input Lubricate fan and bearings
Inspect condition of venting/vent conditions Clean condenser housing
Check combustion/ventilation air Apply protective coating
Clean pilot burner Check coil temperature drop
Check water level on boilers, adjust to proper level as needed Clean condenser coil
Inspect chimney and flue pipe for proper draft conditions Clean drain line
Clean burner, inspect filter and advise customer of proper cleaning Check amp draw

For a list of terms and conditions for SmartGuard service plans, click here.

Enroll in a SmartGuard service plan and avoid unhappy surprises!
To learn more, call 800.556.0011 today.


No service call charges. No parts or labor charges.


Included on your monthly DTE Energy bill.


When appliance issues happen, call us anytime.

5 good reasons to give yourself Home Protection Plus:

Covered appliance repairs are free. No service call charges. No parts or labor charges.
A single furnace or A/C repair can cost $300, $400 or more. With Home Protection Plus, you'll have a single, predictable monthly fee—and no budget-busting surprises.
Plumbing Protection guards against budget-breaking problems. Pure peace of mind!
If something goes wrong, you'll have just one number to call for a repair pro you can trust.
Your low monthly fee is included on your DTE Energy bill. No separate payments to remember or checks to send.

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The Home Protection Plus program is not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission. Repair service programs may be available from another provider. By signing up for Home Protection Plus repair coverage, you are not switching your electric or natural gas utility and service. Your regulated utility rates and the conditions of your service are not affected by activation of Home Protection Plus or by your decision to use the services of another repair service provider.

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