Whole-Home Humidifiers from DTE Energy

Make your house feel more comfortable with a whole-home humidifier from DTE Energy.

For only $350, we'll install a high-quality whole-home humidifier in your home.

Make breathing easier, relieve dry, itchy skin, and stop dry nose and sinuses by moisturizing your house air.

  • Moisturized air keeps you healthier and more-comfortable year-round.
  • 5-year warranty on the humidifier.
  • Attaches to your furnace or air duct.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Installation is included in the price of the humidifier.

Brought to you by DTE Energy. You can trust us for quality products, service and results.

To order a high-quality whole-home humidifier, call 866.308.6455 today.


No service call charges. No parts or labor charges.


Included on your monthly DTE Energy bill.


When appliances issues happen, call us anytime.

5 good reasons to give yourself Home Protection Plus:

  • Covered appliance repairs are free. No service call charges. No parts or labor charges.
  • A single furnace or A/C repair can cost $300, $400 or more. With Home Protection Plus, you'll have a single, predictable monthly fee—and no budget-busting surprises.
  • Plumbing Protection guards against budget-breaking problems. Pure peace of mind!
  • If something goes wrong, you'll have just one number to call for a repair pro you can trust.
  • Your low monthly fee is included on your DTE Energy bill. No separate payments to remember or checks to send.

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